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Who Is Brandon Reed? | TMZ

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Who Is Brandon Reed? | TMZ

Mensaje por Brandon Reed el Dom Jul 08, 2018 8:43 am


TMZ Justin Martinez escribió:GERMANY.- The arrive of a Brandon Reed to the professional wrestling world has been a very STRANGE one, since the former UXF Champion and former Head of the global company has been in vegetative state in California for years now and his family (technically speaking) never wanted to talk with the public or media like, never ever (don't believe me? check this out).

Now almost 4 years have passed and the fans who still remember Red as the Lead of the wrestling business are buzzing in Twitcher since last thursday, when a man who calls himself Brandon Reed (like his "precious father") entered the wrestling juggernaut UXF to compete. The angry vibe of social media never sleeps and now #BrandonReed is trending for the 4th time this week after a couple of fans asked one of his actual sons Kyle Reed on the streets about this whole mess... getting the negative response of the video above. Multiple experts of the field are trying to confirm this news and even some t/lawyers on toppic are willing to build a case against the athlete.

It's been a rough weeks for the 'F, but heads up -- HBO documentary is releasing November 19!
Brandon Reed

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